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A Decade of exploringU 2018

Its November 2018 exploringU will have been in business for a decade (10 years)

exploringU: The story so far… 

ExploringU is a multiple-award-winning, comprehensive counselling/psychotherapy, Brain Injury / Orthopaedic and Training organisation, established in 2008 by Glenda D Roberts. The company’s team works with people recovering from brain and spinal injuries.  Based in Sudbury (Suffolk) and Castle Hedingham (Essex), its multidisciplinary team provides bespoke services to an increasing variety of people seeking professional therapy or trauma rehabilitation. Members of the (MBACP) British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy for good practice. Read about all of our different departments.

How it all began:

ExploringU Counselling was born in an unremarkable room in Friar Street, Sudbury, in 2008 focusing on couples counselling. ‘What happened to me there had a huge influence on my career. I can only take issue about the size of the small offices’ says Founder/Director Roberts. Thereafter, the company moved into larger premises, where the present operation took shape. At this juncture, with an ever expanding team things started taking off in the rehabilitation field, realising she could no longer sustain demand, Glenda began training her staff in-house, and so the education side of the business blossomed.
As the company and its reputation grew, so many clients and service providers wanted working alongside. Under Glenda’s aegis, the practice left its office on Long Melford, it’s home since 2009 for premises in the historic Old Press Rooms; where it is now located in 2017. ‘A lot happened in that building. Almost all of it positive. I trust our new home continues that tradition’.
Today we train increasingly more staff on site. The exploringU centre for wellbeing is now home to many independent therapists who choose to use this space as a place in which to learn and grow.

About our Founder and Director

Glenda D Roberts is an Accredited Psychotherapist. She also volunteers as a media spokesperson for the industry governing body, The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Glenda is also the Founder & CEO of The Just Talk Campaign  A Registered Charity. As such Glenda writes a monthly column in the Sudbury Mercury Newspaper, Suffolk, and was also an Agony Aunt for a magazine called Salad Days in Saffron Walden, she also presents a monthly Podcast show Emotional Well-being Life, a series about mental health issues with educational psychologist, ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and broadcaster Lawrence Batchelor, with the tagline that goes: Saving and Changing lives. Listen to our Podcasts here:
To read more about Glenda please click here.

ExploringU work with a range of other organisations, as follows:

Slater & Gordon
Irwin Mitchell
Minister Law
Rudlings-Wakelam Solicitors
Aka Case Management
Ben Holden Ltd
The (BACP) British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

ExploringU has helped raise awareness and money for the following Charities:

Just Talk Campaign
Brake – The Road Safety Charity
EACH – East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice

To read about our fundraising please Click Here.

Our focus has been to raise awareness and start to eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental health, by simply superseding those words with… emotional wellbeing.

Being able to talk about mental health issues is vital, and finding models in all areas of life to demonstrate this can be extremely powerful.
We are all in this together across the industry with BACP and that means we have been part of an incredible wave of change for mental health in the community.
We have shared ideas and supported innovation by trying new things, last year we launched the Just Talk Campaign, an initiative to help those seeking immediate support and therapy together with other organisations to share stories of mental health and to encourage more of these connections.
The feedback since launching the campaign has been tremendous. We know that the campaign is making a difference, removing the stigma surrounding mental health and, more importantly, it has given people the courage to seek help.
The more stories and examples of good practice we can share, the greater the impact. I strongly urge more organisations to get involved.

Monthly Podcast Show

The podcast is our gift to our clients and supporters; a celebration of our first decade in business.
The episodes in the series:
Episode 1 Picking Up the Pieces (September2017)
Episode 2 Roots of Empathy (October 2017)
Episode 3 Emotional Literacy (November 2017)
Episode 4 Nourishing thoughts (December 2017)

Episode 5 Can Music make you sick (January 2018)

Episode 6 The Just Talk Campaign Charity show (February 2018)

Glenda D Roberts takes to the road to interview a selection of people who she feels will inspire you with their stories.

Download her podcasts right here, free of charge.

Interview 1.  is with Martin Pollecoff Chair of the UKCP The UK Council for Psychotherapy.  Listen here:

Interview 2.  is with Trix Worrell Writer and creator of sitcoms Desmonds and Porkpie. Listen here:

Interview 3. is with Andy Wright President of Leicester Central Godsquad. Listen here:

Interview 4. is with Model Lindsey Thurlow 1980’s -90’s  Successful Fashion Model Listen here:

Interview 5. is with Singer/Artist Oggie started of his career as the voice of Follow me Listen Here

Interview 6. is with Robina Lund Was Lawyer, Personal Adviser to John Paul Getty the first Listen Here

Interview 7. is with Angela Kerr Angela Director of AKA Case Management and also the chair of BABICM, The UK’s premier professional body for case managers and other professional working with individuals who have a brain injury. Listen Here

Natural Soy handmade candles 


To celebrate a decade in business the exploringU team will be offering a selection of Soy hand made candles for a limited time only, to purchase one of these, please pop into the exploringU centre for wellbeing in Sudbury, candles available from November 1st 2018 until December 2018.  Roberts label ylang ylang lt edt


Our Awards:

The Future:

We are looking at new ways to reach out to customers through digital products, such as:



Developmental Activity

In 2017, ExploringU counselling purchased a 4-acre site, a medieval Barn in South West of France (close to the Swiss Alps & Bordeaux border), with a purpose to convert it into accessible accommodation for clients with disabilities to access the best respite experience possible. Facilities will include zip-wire, swimming, archery, animals and a wide range of holistic services – Counselling /Psychotherapy, Yoga, Specialised ABI / Orthopaedic Personal Trainer, Meditation, and a Sensory Garden. With easily accessible Hospital and Clinic facilities within range. It will be open to carers and family members of cared-for adults and children. This project aims to be fully functioning by 2022.

Brochures & Booking requirements:
Brochures will be available to download at the end of December of 2022.
Bookings will be available for purchase in January 2023.

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