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About Us

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Glenda Roberts established exploringu counselling in 2008 which was the realisation of a long term passion. Having had over 27 years of experiences working closely, and supporting those coping with trauma and brain injury, Glenda now helps people understand themselves, simplifying life’s issues, through the provision of a uniquely approachable service. Based in the heart of Suffolk, the company provides an invaluable service for those looking to work through issues without having to commute to London.

Since launching exploringu counselling, Glenda and her expert team of specialist counsellors/psychotherapists & rehabilitation co-ordinators have  positively helped to changed the lives of many people and are dedicated to doing the same in future. By focusing on providing clients with a personal, confidential service, the team at exploringu is able to recommend the right counsellor with the best experience to suit the client’s individual need.

‘The sad truth is that many times those who are struggling feel they have no way ‘out’. I cannot express the importance of people realising that there are options available, and that there are specialists out there who can help people work through their troubles. No one is alone.’

To learn more about Glenda Roberts and her team, read their profiles here. For more information on how we could help you work through your issues, call 01787 829141 or email


The cost will be agreed with your counsellor at the initial session.

The price for an individual counselling session is £55 per session.

The price for a Couples Counselling session is £75 per session.

Your therapist will discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.

To Help U Find U

“I am so happy to have found exploringU counselling. In all my time with them I have found them to be very warm, flexible and professional. Personally, I am so happy with my counsellor and have achieved great awareness and growth. I would highly recommend their service.”

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We have appointments available so you won’t have to struggle on your own if you call us for a chat about your problems. A member of our multi-award winning team of counsellors and therapists will be able to help you on the phone. If you would like to continue that conversation, we can book you in for a personal session at one of our centres in as little as 48 hours. We will then be able to help clarify problems and create guided paths to solutions for you.

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How to move on after brain trauma

With the help of a qualified and experienced therapist, you can explore ways to live life to its fullest. We can get to know you, understand your problems and help you move at your own pace towards a better life. If you have personal goals, we can work towards them with a step-by-step plan. You can share your thoughts without fear of judgement or worry about putting a burden on the listener. It’s what we are here for - to help you.

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You may contact us in confidence, we never have and will not share your contact details with anyone else. You can see out Confidentiality Policy here