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Camilla Ghazala

Camilla Ghazala offers Specialised Executive Training for Professionals. Read about the courses here.

Camilla Ghazala (BA Hons) (MBACP) (Accred) is an extremely experienced counsellor. She is an Accredited Psychotherapist, and a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, she is also a member of the Association of Independent Practitioners, and is also a registered Psychotherapist recognised with PruHealth to be a provider of Counselling/Psychotherapy to clients with a PruHealth Policy.

Qualified to be listed on the BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, certificate No: 011479






Personal Profile

Camilla provides practical and effective coaching, training and therapy. With 34 years of experience in Personal Development Camilla has the ability to deliver cutting edge education in a grounded, down to earth style, ensuring you leave with insightful information that you can thread practically to your life supporting your all round wellbeing.  Camilla’s unique blend of training and experience enables her to work along the health spectrum. At one end, Camilla provides effective clinical treatment for a range of psychological, emotional and behavioural issues; at the other Camilla offers preventative education.  In a nutshell, Camilla’s passion is encouraging education, enabling development of personal awareness, stability, resilience, self-management and skills in collaboration.  “When we develop these areas we become confident in engaging in all that life offers with an assertive, grounded, relaxed and energized style.”


Camilla is highly skilled in identifying and treating a wide range of psychological, emotional and behavioral issues working short, medium and long term with individuals, couples and families. Clients come to therapy presenting with mild to severe symptoms and Camilla enables these to be addressed whilst identifying root causes. From here the individual development plan will ensure personal development that supports and improves all round wellbeing. The first step in this process is an initial appointment which identifies what style of therapy is appropriate for the client, their presenting issues, learning style and realistic goals.  If therapy is not appropriate at this time we will refer you to another in-house intervention or an appropriate external service. Therapy is provided in courses of 8/12 meetings which are pre-arranged to ensure maximum benefit is gained from this process.

    Types of Therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction
Solution Focused Therapy
Positive Psychology
Adlerian Psychology
Person Centered
Gestalt Psychotherapy
Transactional Analysis
Systemic Therapy
Energy Psychology
Buddhist Psychotherapy
Combination of Coaching & Therapy


Camilla is highly skilled in process clarification enabling clients to establish a crystal clear focus, objectives and goals.  Coaching can be applied to personal or professional tasks and/or relationships.  Courses of coaching are offered in blocks of 6/8 meetings to individuals, couples, families and groups. A unique development plan enables achievement of incremental steps towards the agreed goals.  Running parallel to this process is identification of root cause goal blockers and realistic solutions to these that support wellbeing.  The first step in this process is an initial appointment which identifies what style of coaching is appropriate.  If coaching is not appropriate at this time we will refer you to another in-house intervention or an appropriate external service.

    Types of Coaching:

Life Task
Life Style
Team Dynamics
Psychological & Emotional Resilience

Task specific coaching includes: presentations, interviews, life cross roads, life transition, changes, pre-marriage, post-marriage, pre-children, post-children, reflective decision making

Training and Development

Camilla offers a range of personal development workshops. To provide the best conditions for our psychological health we need a combination of relaxing in our comfort zone and stretching ourselves. Encouraging training stretches us and is empowering, exciting, inspiring and energizing. When we engage with this style of training learning is effective and we can take what is useful and thread it into our everyday lives.

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To have a session with Camilla please Contact Us. Camilla Charges £120 an hour.

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