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Picking Up the Pieces – Monthly Podcast Show

Welcome, wherever you are in the UK and indeed, the world. I am Lawrence Batchelor, they call me Kid! I am an educational psychologist and broadcaster. My Co-presenter, Glenda D. Roberts Director/Founder of ExploringU Counselling,    We kick-off our new podcast series on September 1st with a First Aid Kit for your emotions and a curated playlist. Glenda also outlines the company’s future digital plans. She believes thousands of people will benefit from the podcasts, allied with their determination to persevere.

Glenda brings her tough SE London upbringing to her work with the troubled and the troubling. Using the new technologies now unfurling around us to bring down the walls so those seeking help do in confidence, whereas the communications changes will empower people, knowing help is at hand/on the way, all you have to do is say. Noting there is no therapy without a relationship with the therapist, technology should compliment not compete. Instances where your headphones are your lifebuoy. There to cling on to when the rising seas try to drag you down to the murky depths. My rich soothing baritone is, to paraphrase one listener, a slither of comfort: Reaching out! Changing and saving lives.

The podcast show is exploringU Counsellings gift to our clients and supporters; a celebration of our first decade in business.
During 2018 Glenda takes to the street and is travelling around the country to connect with and interview people who have changed their lives for the better and want to share their inspirational stories. These stories will be a series of interviews featured on different episodes of the monthly podcast show. So stay tuned and subscribe to never miss a episode.

Download all episodes here:

Tune into our Podcasts Below.

Our first Podcast entitled ‘Picking Up The Pieces’

Episode 1 entitled ‘Picking up the Pieces’

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts

Our second Podcast entitled ‘Roots of Empathy’

Episode 2 entitled ‘Roots of Empathy’

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts






Our third Podcast entitled “Understanding and Managing Anger”


Episode 3 entitled “Understanding and Managing Anger”

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts






Our fourth Podcast entitled “Understanding Nutrition, Christmas Show”

Episode 4 entitled “Understanding Nutrition”

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts







Our fifth Podcast entitled “Can Music Make You Sick?”

Episode 5 entitled “Can Music Make You Sick?”

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts







Our sixth Podcast entitled “The Just Talk Campaign Charity Podcast February 2018”

Episode 6 entitled “The Just Talk Campaign Charity Podcast February 2018”
Do you feel alone, unheard or need someone to talk to?
The Just Talk Campaign want you to know that we are here for you and that you are not alone.
Glenda D Roberts who runs the ExploringU Centre for well-being in Sudbury, set up “Just Talk Campaign ”, with fellow colleague Sharon Kendall in 2016 providing drop in sessions at the end of each month, open to all age groups and is free of charge. Trainee counsellors on placement with The Just Talk Campaign are able to counsel clients for a small donation of £5, our aim is to set up hubs around the country.
It is a place where anyone can come along and get the help and support you need and discuss anything that is concerning you in a safe and confidential environment.
The Just Talk Campaign is a registered charity 1175216 call us on: 0330 120 1270 or email us:
(thank you to all our volunteers) and to Jensen Raggi-Roberts for designing a wonderful poster.


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