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Glenda D Roberts Columns

Glenda D Roberts the Founder of ExploringU Counselling and Founder of The Just Talk Campaign ( Registered Charity) has written many columns for local newspapers on Mental Health (Emotional Well-Being). Glenda has also been an agony aunt for a magazine called salad days, and is a volunteer media spokesperson  for her governing body the BACP.  You can read her column’s below.

January 2018
Creating a first-aid kit for your emotions

December 2017
Don’t be afraid to celebrate who you are

October 2017
If only life came with an instruction manual

August 2017
Connecting with others can help to enhance the quality of our lives.

November 2016
Recognising and making use of all of your talents.

September 2016
Don’t rule out seeking help from a therapist.

August 2016
Stress in the Work Place – Don’t suffer in silence.

June 2016
Discovering Yourself is an important step.

May 2016
Self Awareness – A learning journey we all need to take.

March 2016
How to deal with the two emotions of loss and grief

February 2016
Get in focus with your well-being wheel

January 2016
Don’t forget you – Bring spice to your relationship
There are no boundaries to what we can achieve

December 2015
Social Awkwardness

November 2015
How to spot the early signs of depression.

Top award for founder of Sudbury counselling group
Award for ExploringU

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