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Affordable Counselling provided by JustTalk2019

The exploringU team of managers, set up JustTalk2019, this service offers Affordable counselling with a trainee counsellor on placement Via exploringU counselling, where we offer a professional service of counselling, this service is run by us but you will be invited to have your therapy with a trainee counsellor.

The steps:

Step 1: Please call us on 0330 120 0279 to make an appointment assessment with a qualified counsellor.

Step 2: Assessments are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays throughout the day.

Step 3: Please consider the costs, which start from £10-£25

Step 4: Please also consider this next step which is to commence your therapy as a commitment that will require consistency

Step 5: Your therapy can last for as long you feel is necessary

Step 6: We have both Male and Female therapists on placement with us

Step 7: Trainees are unable to work with children under the age of 18

Step 8: All sessions are held from our practice in Sudbury, Suffolk, they are 60 minutes long and are supervised by a team of experienced supervisors.

Step 9: If you are considering this service or know someone that could benefit from having affordable counselling, please pass our details to them.

Step 10: Get in touch by calling us on: 0330 120 0279 or email us on: our website is:

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You may contact us in confidence, we never have and will not share your contact details with anyone else. You can see out Confidentiality Policy here