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Services for ABI clients and their families

We aim to provide clients and their family with hands on support in helping clients to manage their lives after a serious brain or spinal injury.  We aim to assist them to handle the compensation claim effectively and efficiently  thus helping to provide the appropriate support where necessary.  We can continue to provide this specialised package to clients once the compensation claim is complete.

We offer a comprehensive support service providing support in different areas of rehabilitation, our trained team deal with the many issues the client and their family may experience We also provide specialised counselling to Brain, Head, Spinal injured and disabled clients as well as (ABI) Acquired brain injury training to help those to understand brain injury better.

Please click here  The exploringU counselling private rehabilitation support package 2017 to download our 2017 Support Package

Click here to download an application for ABI Training Application Form ABI May 2017/18.

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“I am so happy to have found exploringU counselling. In all my time with them I have found them to be very warm, flexible and professional. Personally, I am so happy with my counsellor and have achieved great awareness and growth. I would highly recommend their service.”

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We have appointments available so you won’t have to struggle on your own if you call us for a chat about your problems. A member of our multi-award winning team of counsellors and therapists will be able to help you on the phone. If you would like to continue that conversation, we can book you in for a personal session at one of our centres in as little as 48 hours. We will then be able to help clarify problems and create guided paths to solutions for you.

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How to move on after brain trauma

With the help of a qualified and experienced therapist, you can explore ways to live life to its fullest. We can get to know you, understand your problems and help you move at your own pace towards a better life. If you have personal goals, we can work towards them with a step-by-step plan. You can share your thoughts without fear of judgement or worry about putting a burden on the listener. It’s what we are here for - to help you.

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You may contact us in confidence, we never have and will not share your contact details with anyone else. You can see out Confidentiality Policy here