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WINTER 2017/18/19

a note from our Director and CEO & Founder of the Just Talk Campaign (Charity)

Hello. Welcome to our Staff in Action page. I’m going to invite you to understand more about me and my wonderful team. We have all been very busy. Newly registered charity Just Talk Campaign is going well, with busy monthly drop in sessions and individual counselling. A Committee has also been formed to help with the progression of the Just Talk campaign. I have been proactive in developing our monthly Podcast shows – (Mental Health). It has been picking up speed and is attracting attention and listeners worldwide. We are glad that this is becoming a success as it is reaching out to people and helping them. Our podcasts have recently started featuring guests whom have an interest in helping others.
I like to help and give people a chance to volunteer with us, to learn about our multi award winning business and the work we do. I want to help people to continually develop themselves into the best they can be. But you have to be committed and hard working,  If you would like to volunteer with us please get in touch.
Another way I have reaching out to the local community is through my monthly column’s that feature in newspapers in the region. You can read my columns on our website here.
I feel it’s important to recognise our team individually on a seasonal basis and let them know know the latest staff news, updates and their progress, as well as letting you find out more about them.

Glenda D Roberts.

Louise Burgen’s Profile

Louise Burgen (MBACP) (FdA) is a Qualified Integrative Counsellor and a member of the BACP. She works from Sudbury, Castle Hedingham. If you would like to see Louise for counselling please contact us.


I joined the ExploringU team, whilst studying for my Degree in Counselling. I was not actually looking to move jobs at the time but had come across an advert. There was something in the job description that niggled at me and I felt that I had to apply for the position of Rehabilitation Coordinator. I was delighted to get the position, took to it like a duck to water, and became an integral part of the team. When I qualified as a Counsellor I decided to end my role on the Rehabilitation side and embark on my counselling career. I have never looked back. I love working as a counsellor and have always been curious about people, what makes us individual and how this shapes how we see and experience the world.
The road towards becoming a counsellor was not always easy and it began in my 30’s when I started an apprenticeship. Having not worked in an office for 10 years, since the birth of my son and with the ever evolving world of technology moving at a pace that I felt unable to keep up with, I was not feeling overly confident about my chances of getting back into an office and restarting my career. I signed up for a free computer course in my local town to build my knowledge and confidence. One day a lady came in who worked for an apprenticeship team. I mulled over the idea and thought yes, this would suit me, actual experience of work and a qualification gained at the same time. I checked with her if there was an age limit, there wasn’t. I was nervous on my first day, undertaking an apprenticeship at my age added to this and did not go unnoticed by the apprenticeship team who were interested to me meet the lady in her 30’s undertaking an apprenticeship. Being a single Mum and working 37.5 hours a week for £98 was not an easy feat but it was one that I knew would lead on to something else. After 6 months I secured a position with the company and 6 months later I was promoted. I was grateful for the opportunity and the qualifications that I achieved but something just didn’t feel like me, and I knew I had more to give.
School days were not the best days of my life and I was not a regular attender. Despite this, I found myself in a position of feeling that I could embark on a Degree Course, and found myself pondering what I could do and what I would actually want to do. When 2 people in the same week had suggested that I would be good at counselling I decided it was worth some serious thought. I tend to put my heart and soul into what I’m doing and my Degree course was no different, I learned an enormous amount about myself and that is not always easy. Alongside my course I underwent my own counselling and strongly believe that I cannot take a client where I have not been. It was very important for me to take the journey that I would ask others to take, with me by their side. I am still working with the ExploringU team and feel like part of the family.




Sharon Kendall’s Profile


Sharon Kendall (BA) (MBACP) (FdA) is a Qualified Integrative Counsellor and a member of the BACP. She works from Sudbury,  If you would like to see Sharon for counselling please contact us

I have just completed the BA with honours degree in counselling, having  decided to go back to university 2 years after completing my foundation degree in 2015 as I felt I needed another challenge. Completing the next level of training has given me a greater understanding of the how philosophy and counselling theories are linked when they talk about human nature and humans being individuals. I also gained more tools that will benefit my clients and exploringU counselling and the Just Talk Campaign. (Charity) I have been blessed with the opportunities I’ve been given,  I have  gained the strength and confidence to step out of my comfort zone which has led me to where  I am now.

I am grateful to all my family, friends and colleagues at exploringU counselling that have encouraged me along my journey in becoming the best therapist I can be.


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